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From the mind of such masterpieces as MY SHOPPING LIST and DISCARDED ANIMAL PUNS, BEHIND BAAS is a fun-filled, effectively untested pen-and-paper Ruminant-Playing Game (RPG), where you and your friends break out of prison in the roles of a number of confused sheep. A dark, crime-filled past has landed each of you here (though you could just have easily wandered in following somebody else), and now after enlightenment by the WISE GOAT, you endeavour to surpass your restraints and general obedience to suggestion, becoming free to pick your own patch of grass once again.

BEHIND BAAS holds the potential for deep character development, offering philosophies and backgrounds that your sheep may follow. How long you adhere to these policies is questionable, based on the tendency to accept whatever you are told. You might find something completely new to agree with on your daring adventure. Expect nothing more or less than chaotic criminal capers by fleeced fugitives, with rules that anybody can change so long as everybody agrees. Though provided in premium Cambria font, these rules are made to be easily discarded in favour of something more amusing.

You are a toad in the Hole, fresh meat in the Locker, penned in with only one option: escape!

Special credit to Grant Howitt, who alongside his other excellent works writes proper one-page RPGs. Please check out his Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/gshowitt


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